Berry Delicious Immune Booster

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Berry Delicious Immune Booster is a syrup made to fight off cold/flu like symptoms, allergies, cough and more. Its packed with tons of nutrients to strengthen the immune system.

Inside you'll find two berries rich with antioxidants and minerals that will help if taken daily to prevent flu like symtoms. Those two berries  are Elderberry and Juniperberry and are not only used for the flu but can help aid in inflammation, gastrointestinal issues and even work as a diuretic.

Another powerful ingredient in this immune booster is clove. It can be used to help combat stomach issues, diabetes, headaches and is also a strong antibacterial agent.

This amazing syrup also uses local honey to help with allergies and coating the throat while cinnamon help stimulate bloodflow to speed up the healing process and can also aid in diabetes.

Last but not least this magical concoction contains ginger which we all know has many amazing health benefits. Ginger can help speed up the metabolism, relieves tooth aches along with clove, soothes nausea, antibacterial and stimulates the digestive system.