Healing Bundle

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I’ve used this many times for massages, pedicures, cuts, burns, bruises and much more. It’s amazing what natural ingredients can do for you. The base to this magical balm is cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax and olive oil. These ingredients alone can help protect and nourish the skin. I blend my herbal extraction into the mix and it becomes a potent remedy for many ailments. 
My herbal extraction includes:  
Arnica- for bruising and muscle aches
Calendula- can help heal wounds  
Hemp- anti inflammatory and can soothe atopic dermatitis
Sage- naturally will disinfect the skin
Yarrow- can stop bleeding and help reduce swelling
Turmeric- natural anti-inflammatory
Cinnamon- can increase blood flow to help speed up healing
Peppermint/Wintergreen- numbing and pain relieving
Now if you pair this with the healing scrub in the shower you will feel like a whole new person! It’s amazing to use on your feet or back after a long day. Don’t forget the importance of self care and love! This here is a natural way to love and heal the body without leaving behind a chemical trace or waste. One jar will last you a couple months to even a year depending on how often you use it! A little dab is all you need.